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Allow Aha users to create private portal comment

Who would benefit? Aha users commenting on Ideas What impact would it make? Save time and clicking around How should it work? Today private Idea comments can only be made from the ideas portal. If a product manager wants to make a private comment,...
Amanda K 21 days ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Global feature to filter out internal votes displayed everywhere in Aha!, especially in the Ideas Portal

Our organization promises to review and take some action on any idea that receives over 25 votes. We don't count internal votes toward that total, but internal votes will push it over that threshold. The main problem is that the customers only see...
RICH O'FARRELL 11 months ago in Voting 3 Future consideration

API Access for Polls or other Feedback

Who would benefit? Software Providers What impact would it make? Enables software providers to Bring their own user experience for in-application feedback to fit brand, or build more controlled feedback flows For example in my case we want one fee...
Guest 24 days ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Restricting email domains for self-registering Ideas portals

Who would benefit? B2B Ideas customers What impact would it make? Easier maintainability of Idea portal access How should it work? As B2B SaaS company working with an extensive partner network within a competitive space, I want to be able to add a...
Mats Hultgren 26 days ago in User management 0 Future consideration

Ability to send private comments to idea submitter

Currently, there is no way to respond to an idea submitter privately via comments as an administrator. Additionally, it would be helpful if this private comment could trigger a notification to the submitter.
Guest over 3 years ago in Ideas portal 3 Likely to implement

Hide 'sign up' link on login page for private portals

Who would benefit? Customers What impact would it make? Cut down on support questions How should it work? If the portal is configured as a private portal, currently the user still see's the "sign up" link on the login page. If they click this they...
Mark Evans 3 months ago in User management 2 Future consideration

Ability to copy idea portal configuration

We have a lot of products set up in Aha and for various reasons, need/have lots of Ideas Portals. Currently it is time consuming to set up new ideas portals. It would be much quicker to be able to copy an existing Ideas Portals (e.g. the design el...
Julie Edwards almost 5 years ago in Branding 2 Future consideration

Allow users to edit ideas in the portal for their organization

Who would benefit? Idea Portal users What impact would it make? Users can change ideas on behalf of others in the same organization How should it work? If the organizations is active in an Idea Portal, it would be very useful if the users can chan...
Nicola Rolando about 1 month ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Disable votes on portal

Hi guys,I would like to disable votes on an ideas portal. Why? So as to freeze the score. People were given 3 weeks to vote, and I now need to move on to finishing to rate each suggestion. I can still export the votes and import them in a custom f...
Benoit WAMBERGUE over 4 years ago in Voting 3 Future consideration

User flag or field to indicate idea was reviewed so that users can easily vote on ideas without having to re-read many

Who would benefit? Users submitting/reviewing ideas would spend less time reading ideas they already read and more time voting on ideas that are relevant to them. Since this may encourage more voting when made easier this also benefits the product...
Guest about 1 month ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration