Allow Full Customization of Email Template

As I lead design + product at my company, I'd love to be able to have full control over the contents of the email templates that are sent via Aha. Currently the content is injected into what seems to be a pre-existing template and the large logo in the header is something we would like to change.


I recognize that this can probably all be overridden via CSS, but it would be really nice to be able to import an HTML template and not use any pre-existing template. I use MailJet as our email design tool which spits out standards compliant HTML emails. I want to be able to import into Aha but am unable to. It is impacting our ability to brand and design the email engagement that we have with users.


Please consider adding this or a variety of this feature to the portals.

  • Guest
  • Aug 26 2019
  • Future consideration
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