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Please Break Out Epics from Features in My Work View

Currently, Features and Epics are grouped together in the My Work view under features. This is not clearly intuitive and it would be great to see them separately.
Guest 18 days ago in My work 0 Future consideration

Have Separate Access Permission for Ideas and Roadmaps

Some of the user groups in our org need to manage Ideas but we don't want them to view or change roadmaps WIP.
Kathleen Singleton 4 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Manage Users admins shouldn't be allowed to change the admin roles for themselves or other users

People in our organization are given the Manage Users admin role in order to manage the licenses associated to paid seats. However, the Manage Users admins are able to assign additional administrative privileges to themselves & other users. Am...
David I. 4 days ago in Account settings 2 Future consideration

Prevent users of adding comments and/or to-dos in custom templates

Users get confused and add comments about the feature in the requirement card. Same happens with to-do. As a consequence, the progress is calculated wrong and the reports don’t show the information you want, like “last comment”.
Juliano Silva 4 days ago in Comments / Notifications 0 Future consideration

Provide help with consequences of merging custom fields

The Aha! KB article on merging and converting custom fields explains that there are implications for integrations and reports when merging fields. Specifically: If an integration included the old custom field, you will need to update the field map...
Steve Dagless 5 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Customize / Create New Record Link Relationship Types

In Aha! we can only create record link with the 6 default relationship types, while in Jira the new relationship types can be added and are customizable. We n...
Hank Liu 5 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Sort the to-do items that don't have a due-date assigned alphabetically

Sort the to-do items that don't have a due-date assigned alphabetically, when the overall my work \ to-do item view is set to By Due Date.
Richard Price 7 days ago in To-dos 0 Future consideration

Sort to-do items alphabetically within due-dates, like web app has recently implemented

We had a change made on the web app to sort alphabetically with in due dates, and now we'd like this to work the same way in the mobile app. Thanks!
Richard Price 7 days ago in Mobile 0 Future consideration

Allow $IDEA_DESCRIPTION variable to be used in other idea status emails

As an Aha administrator I would like to remind my idea submitters what the original idea was when providing a comment back to them. Enable the $IDEA_DESCRIPTION variable across all email status updates, not just the Thank you and Status changed em...
Guest 7 days ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Save custom colors when changing themes on a pivot table

When you create a pivot table you have the ability to choose custom cell colors via the "customize style" screen. If you customize these colors and then change the theme, the colors will reset to the theme default. It would be better if the custom...
Finn Meyer 13 days ago in Reports 1 Future consideration