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Status Future consideration
Created by Nathaniel Collum
Created on Apr 18, 2024

Fully support progress field in automations

What is the challenge?

A record's "progress" field is a great way to communicate a record's true status. It gives our cross-functional stakeholders a sense of how much work has been completed and remains.

What is the impact?

Help to better communicate the progress of work

Describe your idea

  • Triggers

    • Trigger automation rules from progress calculation changes (i.e. when feature's progress reached 100%, or when feature's progress is greater than 75%)

  • Actions

    • Set progress percentage

    • Set the progress calculation

  • Attach files
  • +3

Automation rule: Set the progress calculation method based on a related field

As a product owner, I would like to drive the progress calculation method based on a related field (including custom fields/tables) such as delivery risks so that I can automate how the calculation is set as an epic, feature, requirement progresse...
Guest 9 months ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Allow automation rules off of progress calculation

Initiatives, epics, etc. can derive real-time progress calculations from their child records. Would be great if we could set automations based on progress % complete against a point in time. Example rule: if initiatives are less than 70% achieved ...
Danielle A over 2 years ago in Application 1 Future consideration

Automation rule to set a manually calculated progress field = 100% when status category is set to done

I like the agile rule of done or not done with an between status of in progress. So when I indicate the record is done and the progress field is manually calculated, it would be efficient to set progress field 100% complete.
Richard M over 3 years ago in Epic 3 Future consideration