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Status Future consideration
Categories Strategy
Created by Max Robbins
Created on Mar 8, 2024

Calculate key result progress from child records

Who would benefit?

Now that teams can easily tie their features, epics, releases, and initiatives up to key results, being able to track progress towards the key results automatically based on child records. Teams want a more granular way to track progress towards their goals.

What impact would it make?

Meeting a key result is based on specific metrics, but being able to understand the progress of all the planned work connected to a key result is a helpful data point teams want to report on.

Since goal progress can be driven by key result progress, this will let users automate goal progress without having to link granular work to both goals and key results.

How should it work?

Workspace setting for progress calculation of key results. Can be based on features, epics, release, or initiative progress.

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