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User Story Mapping

I would like to be able to have a user story mapping tool added to aha. This is useful in that it enables us to see what a priority of a release would be and what is a minimum viable product versus what would be added to a later sprint. This would...
Sarah Burgess over 5 years ago in User story map / Features 42 Shipped
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Show progress on all features automatically

It's fantastic to be able to display progress (% complete) on features. Currently, you need to turn this on feature by feature. I would love the ability to make this visible on all features automatically.
Madeleine Black about 1 year ago in Features 40 Shipped
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Customize create new feature window

It would be an improvement to be able to define the fields that appear when creating a request. For example, I have added a custom field to tag the customers that have requested a feature. Currently I have to add a feature, then edit the field in ...
Guest over 5 years ago in Features 27 Shipped
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Filter for Blank values

I'd like to find features that are missing a value for certain fields, but I don't see a way to only show Blank values for things like Initiative or Custom fields
Jonathon Leeke about 5 years ago in Features 19 Shipped
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Visualize Master Features on Releases Overview

We would like to be able to visualize Master Features simultaneously with Features on the Releases overview. If a Release can own a Master Feature, which is comprised of Features, it would be nice to use the Master Feature grouping on the release...
Dave Kolas over 3 years ago in Features 14 Shipped
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Set default field values for custom fields at the product level

We have a standard set of custom fields that we are inheriting across all products. This ensure data consistency on how we describe features. However for some products the field can be defaulted; For example we may have a product that has a feat...
Guest about 5 years ago in Features 17 Shipped

We need Features to span multiple releases.

We build features across several releases or we break them into smaller marketable components of the larger feature. We really need a way to tag a feature to multiple release vehicles.
Brooke Huling about 5 years ago in Features 10 Shipped

Ability to Bulk Edit Requirement fields

It would be very useful to bulk edit requirement fields including: Requirement assignment Requirement logged effort Requirement status Requirement original estimate Requirement logged time
Guest almost 6 years ago in Features 20 Shipped

"All" "Not" and "OR" operators in filters

We often use various lists and reports. Unfortunately, their utility is limited due to the fact that filters are only inclusive. We'd like to see filters built with the ability to exclude certain things (i.e. tags, keywords, dates, etc)
Jeremy Naiden about 5 years ago in Features 20 Shipped

Be able to see requirements on the new Feature Workflow Board view.

Currently it only shows Features, it'd be extremely useful to be able to view Requirements on it too. Pretty much like on the Feature List view, where you can configure it to be Features or Requirements.
Matt O'Neill over 5 years ago in Features 18 Shipped