Show progress on all features automatically

It's fantastic to be able to display progress (% complete) on features. Currently, you need to turn this on feature by feature.

I would love the ability to make this visible on all features automatically.

  • Madeleine Black
  • Aug 7 2019
  • Likely to implement
Release time frame
  • Aug 23, 2019

    Admin Response

    Thank you for your idea. As a first step in streamlining this workflow, you can now add the progress field and set the calculation on multiple records at once using bulk edit. This is available when bulk editing goals, initiatives, releases, master features, and features.

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  • Jill Collins commented
    07 Aug 13:40

    Other functionality that would make this easier to roll out

    1 - include in bulk edit - add the ability to show/hide progress bar, and to set the progress calc type.  Could then update records en masse.

    2 - add into product config - so that default for show/hide & calc type can be set differently for different products as needed. 

  • Jay Piwnicki commented
    07 Aug 14:32

    Agree with all ideas/comments here.  From a roadmap perspective, being able to show the bars "shaded" is ideal.  Need bulk edit for existing (as Jill Collins mentions) and then config so that each new initiative/release has it included - config would have to occur at each level.

  • Robyn Diamond commented
    07 Aug 14:39

    I want all of my PMs to leverage this functionality -- is there a way to make it default visible on the records with the type of Progress calculation set? It's not really scalable if teams have to manually add the field to each record they own.. to be honest, they just won't do it.

  • Guest commented
    07 Aug 15:30

    Make it configurable in the product. Some products will definitely want to show this info at all times. Other product lines might have different ways of tracking progress. Making it configurable allows user to decide to either show or hide this information. The configuration should include the choice on how you'd want to calculate the percentage complete. Otherwise, there's still a manual selection required.

  • Jill Collins commented
    07 Aug 16:54

    Another suggestion - for list/pivot views, add a 'progress bar calculation type' choice.  Something like this would make it easier to ensure that the selections are all the same (particularly if it needs to be setup manually), or only different where I expect them to be different.  It's too easy to make the wrong choice and not be aware.

  • Guest commented
    07 Aug 19:35

    Please implement this functionality. This would be very helpful because we have dozens of feature per release and would like a way to have this as a default or at a minimum be able to bulk edit features with this function.

  • Guest commented
    08 Aug 13:22

    Really useful feature I would certainly welcome the ability not to have to do this to each individual item and for it to be the default position when creating a new item

  • Jiyaad Naeem commented
    08 Aug 19:10

    Yes, I need this

  • Jiyaad Naeem commented
    08 Aug 19:11

    Yes please make this asap, much needed

  • Stephen Morse commented
    09 Aug 22:00

    Please let me configure this at the Product Line level, and let me decide for each Type what I want to use for the progress aka   Features from the Requirements,  Master Release from the Children Release etc..   PS this is a great new feature, we used to bring in the information into excel and the PowerBI etc..  Great work

  • Vidhi Mehta commented
    12 Aug 10:36

    I just found out this much demanded feature of Progress Bar and this is going to be extremely helpful to me. Thank you very much for this. My question is, do we have any bulk edit sort of supported for Progress Bar? Consider my case where I have ~150+ different entities including strategies/ master features/ features for my current project delivery. In order to see the progress against each entity, I have to go to each one of them, enable it and then select one of options given. It would be great use if this feature is support if anyone wants to make a bulk edit.

  • Isabelle Tamburro commented
    12 Aug 13:30

    Yes - have hundreds of features and it takes me a long time to go through all of them - really need this ability added 

  • Magnus Rabarts commented
    14 Aug 14:04

    agree with all the comments already posted - would like it to be added to bulk options, but also set at a product config level so it's on for everything

  • Guest commented
    15 Aug 19:07

    Please add this. This is a really useful function but a very manual process. Our team projects have hundreds of features to track. A way to bulk edit or have this turned on for all releases by default would help out a lot.

  • Mukesh Patel commented
    16 Aug 08:45

    Ditto to all the above - will make feature progress reporting much easier than having to drill down to requirements.

    However, we seem to be having problems adding this to our custom feature layout - have configured this for Feature, but it does not appear on the card. 

  • doug evans commented
    19 Aug 22:03

    I'm super excited about Progress Tracking, but I don't think we can use it without an easy way to enable this for all features. At an absolute minimum we need to be able to use Bulk Edit.

  • doug evans commented
    21 Aug 16:43

    To use progress tracking without this change we would need to manually update up to 717 epics and 573 stories. Plus, we would need to make sure that staff consistently flip new epics and stories to track progress. I need to be able to do this at scale.

  • Admin
    Austin Merritt commented
    23 Aug 19:12

    Hi everyone, thank you all for the feedback! It is great to hear how excited everyone is about the new progress tracking capabilities. We have great news! We just added two new bulk edit options to help streamline things for you. You can now add the progress field and set the calculation on multiple records at once using bulk edit. This is available when bulk editing goals, initiatives, releases, master features, and features.

    We see bulk editing as a first step. As we explore options for turning the fields on by default for each record, I would love to know more about what is most important to you.

    There are two parts to the request:

    1. Showing the field by default on certain record types

    2. Setting a default calculation

    Could you share your feedback on which of these matters to you? Thank you!

  • Waldemar Vierheilig commented
    26 Aug 07:58

    I think both parts of the request are important.
    First of all it is important that you can activate the field without much effort and then the calculation should be easily adjustable. During the calculation it should also be ensured that the same method is always used here, so these settings should be made most sensibly in the product configuration.

  • Jay Piwnicki commented
    26 Aug 14:17

    I think both are important, but the default would be primary to me.  

  • Sallie St Laurent commented
    04 Oct 12:52

    Bulk editing is nice, but I want to be able to say on a product line and product level if I want progress bars to show automatically, or only when added. Let me set my own default, then deal with the ad hoc needs separately.

  • Andrew Brooks commented
    10 Oct 14:40

    This is an amazing feature that adds considerable value to Aha, but not being able to globally switch on progress seems a bit weird!!  It would be great if this could be pushed up the priority list and moved up from likely to implement.