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Created on Jul 5, 2016

Adding zero effort features to Releases > Roadmap (Gantt Chart)

I would like to add a zero effort feature onto a Gantt chart view, and give this feature a duration over which it will be completed.

Currently when you add a zero effort feature and then give it a duration, the effort estimate automatically increases to reflect the duration you will complete task over, say 3d. There is a work around to set the effort estimate to minimum increment, 1min, and then add to the Gantt chart, but I would like it more clean than that.

Reason for this is that sometimes I wish to add features and assign to resources who are not part of my overall capacity and budget (eg non billable sales resource or a customer resource), so I do not need to track their effort, but want to track progress against their features which mine are dependent on.

    Sep 26, 2023

    We have introduced a new capacity planning setting to configure how you want dates to update initial estimates. Workspace owners can configure this in Settings > Workspace > Capacity planning > Individual planning > Set initial estimates.

    Selecting "Do not set initial estimates automatically" will allow you to update start / end dates on the gantt without impacting the initial estimate.

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Add option to disable calculating "estimates" when setting start and end dates.

We use start and end dates for epics to figure out when work will be done on these epics. However it could be the case that multiple developers work on these epics at the same time, OR that not all time in this period is spent on the epic. It's ve...
Ate Fokkinga over 2 years ago in Capacity planning 0 Shipped