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Status Already exists
Categories Account settings
Created by Jerrold Emery
Created on Aug 23, 2017

Provide sorting capability for custom fields (tags and Choice lists)

We have a large client list and when a feature has been requested by a client, we associate the client to the feature. With a long list of clients, being able to sort the Alphabetically (ascending/descending) would make choosing the Clients far easier. Today, I keep a separate list and when a new client is added, I update the list, sort the list, then do a bulk edit and paste all of my clients. On top of this, for some reason, the order often doesn't stick and it appears that it randomly shuffles a few choices and they are no longer sorted. 

    Sep 4, 2017

    Thank you for the note. It is currently possible to customize the sort order of available choices via the custom field settings in Settings -> Account -> Custom fields. If there is a long list of choices, you can use the option to bulk edit choices quickly to copy and paste an alphabetized list.

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  • Jerrold Emery
    Jan 4, 2018

    I disagree that this already exists. If there is a long list, you are suggesting that I bulk edit the list, copy the list into another application, sort the list in another application, then copy and paste it back into to bulk edit area. This is exactly what we are doing now. The feature that exists is the ability to bulk edit and have the list represent the order that one pastes in. This request is to create a tag or choice list, and sort by ascending or descending order. This eliminates the need to copy and paste into another application and back into Aha!