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Created on Nov 27, 2018

Order the custom field choices alphabetically

If I want to manage (e.g. replace tags by others) my custom field choices (of type predefined tag list) I need to search a long time because they are not sorted alphabetically. Please sort them alphabetically.

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  • Kell Fox
    May 12, 2023

    Please make it an option to display this field type alphabetically. We manage predefined choice list of 400+ items and drag-and-drop is just not an option.

  • Tej Namala
    Apr 1, 2021

    This is so manual, drag and drop options in fields to have them in order.
    We have 100s of options in some fields, if we add any new value to a field, we had to move it manually to place it in correct order.. taking us so many time.

    Any idea when this will be shipped?

  • Olivia Quakenbush
    Jan 13, 2021

    I also have come across this limitation. I have a custom editable choice list that we keep track of the countries of each release. The list now has many countries and it is not sortable, so my team has to hunt and peck for the country they are looking for in a report.

    As a work around I have to go back, change this to a predefined list and spend hours updating all our release records (+100) just so that I can have the report in alphabetical order (done manually) and easier to find. Also causing the users to have to put in an administrator request every time they need to add a new country. It's very annoying.

  • Marie Sligh
    Mar 13, 2020

    Any idea when this idea will be considered? I use an editable choice list field with an integration because the other system is the source of truth. I never know when they are going to add new values to it. But because I can't actually set the order of the options to alphabetical either in the field definition or in pivot reports, my reports come out strange and hard to read because the choices are in order by when they were created (as far as I can tell) instead of alphabetical.

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Provide sorting capability for custom fields (tags and choice lists) within the ideas portal

We have 100+ sales and pre-sales people that we have just launched our ideas portal to (it's internal only). When they submit a request we require them to put the associated customer names against it. We are doing this via an editable choice field...
Dan Jeffery almost 5 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration