Ability to edit font type and size

Would like to be able to increase or decrease size of font without having to use the Paragraph to choose headers. Use cases: When presenting to an audience on a projector, the font is too small on the Features Detail screen. Zooming in via the browser makes the entire screen big, but I only want the font to be big. 

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  • Jul 29 2014
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  • Derek Bambach commented
    July 20, 2015 16:13

    Yes, agreed! the ability to edit the style sizes themselves would be great, too. 

  • Guest commented
    October 14, 2015 14:10

    If there were a way to add: "I need it..." Yesterday! :)

    People are complaining that they can't read the text above the bars.  It would be great to make more use of the white space.  Either make bigger text, allow text adjustments, bolding, colors etc, or make bars wider and put the text in them.  (Then you have to be careful to select high contract colors.)

  • Daniel Etra commented
    November 21, 2016 19:16

    Agreed. I find this is particularly true when I am sharing a report over a screenshare; I have to zoom my browser for folks on the other end to read the report information.

  • Robert Whiteside commented
    February 20, 2017 20:35

    Making presentations from or even sharing aha reports and screens just doesn't work with the small font size, and I have several employees without perfect vision that tell me that reading Aha fonts is very difficult. 

  • Ann-Marie Breaux commented
    May 16, 2017 20:44

    Please!!! We use the Notes area to keep meeting notes. As a team that works remotely, we're almost always on WebEx or Skype, which makes the fonts even smaller. If you try to use Header options to make the font larger, plus bullet points, the formatting is a mess. Plus once you set the Header option, it still keeps trying to revert to paragraph style when you add text. Being able to increase font size would be REALLY helpful! 18 votes, so I agree - the sooner the better. It's a bit disheartening to see comments from 2 years ago.

  • Josh Nelson commented
    25 Jun 15:36

    This is critical to effectively present our roadmaps using Aha to any audience.

  • Julien Ciesla commented
    01 Aug 15:51

    I need this feature too. Actual presentation is too small on high resolution screens.