Customised text formatting for printed roadmaps (or at least larger font sizing).

Very happy with the web presentation of roadmaps in notebooks, however we still need to print them effectively in some circumstances.  Also would be valuable to be able to fit to one page.  The ability to change text size when exporting to a specific roadmap to pdf is important.  The standard text size in a reasonably sized roadmap often is too small to read in A4 format.  The output unfortunately doesn't do justice to the roadmap product.  The work-around isn't so practical - print a webpage to pdf (which gives more control than the straight pdf output), then manually change in label in Acrobat Professional.

  • Greg Rigby
  • Jul 25 2017
  • Future consideration
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  • Nick Mariette commented
    September 21, 2017 07:17

    I absolutely need larger text in the PDF output.

    For some reports in notebooks, there is no way to add a title in the report – e.g. a filtered list report you can't add a title, whereas with a chart/graph you can add a title which gives larger print size. When the report itself has no title, you have to add the title on the notebook page. Unfortunately on the PDF, this only appears in a very small print right at the top – more like a page header rather than a title. I need a way to add a clear large font title to every page in a notebook. Preferably in a customizable font. 

  • Stephanie Redl commented
    11 Feb 11:40

    Similar for export of e.g. Feature Roadmap to image or pdf or Notebook - feature names get really tiny and get hard to read when presented in a presentation in front of customers. Would really need this!

  • Erika Chee commented
    15 Mar 20:27

    We need to present our roadmaps to the board but the font sizes are very small when saved in PDF