Persist features board filter settings

I generally work with a few different filters set up on my Features board (e.g. to filter by Tag, Master Feature, a custom field "Team" defining which team will implement each feature, for capacity management by team).  I also regularly use the button in each Master Feature that allows you to view the Features board for just the Features in that Master Feature.  However, when you do this, the Features board that comes up has only the default filters showing, and when you refresh any other features boards you have open, they also then only have the default features showing, meaning I have to set up all my filters in the Features board all over again (and again, and again...).  Ideally the filter settings in the Features board would either persist, or the Master Features- Features Summary board would open in a separate tab and not affect filter settings in other Features boards.

  • Matthew Lynn
  • Jan 10 2019
  • Future consideration
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