Features Board Filter should show applied filters like Features List View

The Feature Board filter does not display the currently applied filters - they are hidden within the filter button. It would be better if this filter works like the filter on the Features List view, where the applied filters are always visible.

  • Melissa Hopkins
  • Jul 17 2015
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  • Ariel Lifschitz commented
    October 29, 2015 07:22

    Looks like this hasn't gotten much visibility/votes, but it would be a major improvement in UX. The same goes for the Feature Details view, hard to get much value out of it when you never know what the current filter status is.

  • Darek Ciszek commented
    June 12, 2016 18:22

    The Feature > Board View is a great way to see and directly manage releases as it's more "operationally" driven, plus easy access to parking lots. I use the the filters to manage work for BAs, plan future sprints in JIRA and a host of other things. With a year's worth of releases showing on the board now in terms of swim lanes I can't get rid of this makes for a lot of scrolling to the right and my team is noticing it as a workflow pain point. I also publish the board view with other teams like sales and they've been asking for it to filter in a smarter way. Great board, hope the Aha team can adjust so we can continue using it:-)

  • Mark Martel commented
    August 31, 2016 12:45

    Adding an upvote here. Would also be great to re-use the same filters saved already in Features List view.