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Created on Oct 8, 2018

Be Able to Sign Up for an Email Alert for Outage Notices

Over the weekend I was surprised by a planned maintenance outage of Aha. We have an upcoming launch and our team was working over the weekend so I was surprised when I tried to look up the details of a story to find that Aha was down.

I don’t recall seeing any messages about an upcoming outage but the Aha support team said that they sent out system broadcasts to notify users of the outage.  I tend to ignore the system broadcasts as I usually notice them when I’m in the middle of something, so I typically close them without reading them.

For planned outages, it would be helpful to be able to sign up for an email letting us know about the upcoming outage. It would be helpful to get the email a few weeks before the outage as well as a day before the outage. 

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