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Status Future consideration
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Created on Apr 3, 2020

Option to dissociate in application Read Status of a notification from Notification email Read Status

The current behaviour of Aha automatically marks the Read / Unread status of a notification as Read where the associated Email notification is opened by a user.

This is not always desirable, and an option should be set to allow for this to be switched off where users want to manage the notification status manually within Aha.

This is a problem for some users where they wish to be notified of activity via email, however are not in a position to review the activity at the time. The notification is updated within Aha itself meaning it is not brought back to the user's attention when they log in and could easily be missed.

This is especially the case where a user may check the email notification from their mobile device. For our organisation this is common as we work across international time zones and like to be made aware of activity via email outside of working hours, in order to know if a response is urgent, but most usually would not take action until they start work again - by which time the internal notification within Aha has already disappeared.

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