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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories Account settings
Created by Joe Carpenter
Created on Aug 15, 2016

Mailing List support

I would like to be able to send email notifications to non-users of the application when something (like the status of Release) changes.

Use Case:
I have key stakeholders that need to know when a Release changes state. They don't necessarily need to access Aha, but they need to be alerted when they might need to look at a report, or perform some other function. This would include potential mailing lists within our company (i.e.

    Oct 29, 2016

    Thank you for the request. This specific use case is related to the "watching" capability which is available across all users of Aha! (including viewers). At this time, we are unlikely to extend this capability to non-users based on current priorities and existing functionality. 

    As you likely know, there are potential workarounds here of adding users as viewers and/or sharing notebooks (although the latter will need to be done on more of a manual basis).

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