Reports and Roadmaps templates

Create an easy way to 'copy' a set of template reports and roadmaps that have been deemed the standards to use across the organization.  

The use case is this:

  • User is managing a large set of products / projects / releases
  • Each project / product needs a standardized set of reports that are presented at weekly meetings
  • These sets of reports are then combined into a notebook to be presented at the meetings

Related to Notebook Templates (, large companies want to enforce reporting standards across their teams. 

The ask would be two parts

  • Ability to create a single report template
  • Ability to create a set of standard reports

Would alleviate the need to:

  • Create a new set of reports for each team
  • Have to edit every set of reports created, each time they want to make tweaks to the existing reports

  • Susie Boyer
  • Jul 31 2018
  • Future consideration
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  • Brian Cunningham commented
    12 Feb 03:06

    Adding to this. It would be useful for an Aha user to be able to create a report template where the person could define what elements that are not configurable (by others) and which items are configurable. Example would be a standard report template where people only need to modify the Products selected in a filter. The owner of the template could then modify the template design with the ability to apply the changes to all copies/instances of the reports.