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Status Future consideration
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Created by Susie Boyer
Created on Jul 31, 2018

Reports and Roadmaps templates

Create an easy way to 'copy' a set of template reports and roadmaps that have been deemed the standards to use across the organization.

The use case is this:

  • User is managing a large set of products / projects / releases

  • Each project / product needs a standardized set of reports that are presented at weekly meetings

  • These sets of reports are then combined into a presentation to be presented at the meetings

Related to Presentation Templates (, large companies want to enforce reporting standards across their teams.

The ask would be two parts

  • Ability to create a single report template

  • Ability to create a set of standard reports

Would alleviate the need to:

  • Create a new set of reports for each team

  • Have to edit every set of reports created, each time they want to make tweaks to the existing reports

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  • Steve Dagless
    Jul 13, 2023

    We have created an OKR report that has calculation columns in it. We share the report with teams and ask them to do a "save as" of the report so they can use it as the basis for all team reporting. Then if we want to make a change, they all have to update all the reports that were spawned from the original. It's incredibly painful and exactly the kind of time wasting Aha! is intended to avoid. Would love to see reporting templates introduced to help increase efficiency. Thanks!

  • Nigel Lawrence
    Jul 13, 2023

    100% behind this idea - In our organisation we're in the process of deploying a standardised set of reports across 700 workspaces and the lifecycle (from the manual overhead of every team initialising, to the ongoing maintenance as change needs to be deployed) is as the other comments suggest a nightmare.
    I want to stress that this is not merely a manual time sink, this IMO is actually a data security risk... the lack of ability to coherently enforce standards when deploying across the enterprise results in human error an inadvertent mistakes in what gets shared and how.

  • Frank Fuchs
    Jul 13, 2022

    And even though I can “hack the system” and create a presentation that everyone’s copies from for the initial set up, maintenance on the template in a nightmare.
    If the Corporate Standard changes, there is no easy way to roll out that new template, short of deleting your old presentation, Copy a new Presentations, Creating all new Views, putting those views back into the presentation, deleting the old views and moving the new views from the bottom of the presentation to their intended location. Like I said NIGHTMARE.

    I was told a year ago to standby because AHA was fundamentally changing the way they do presentations, but nothing so far.

    I proposed a solution to the problem that potentially eliminated ¾ of the total work:

    Then 2 weeks ago I submitted another idea that eliminated ½ the total work:

    Both are in the “Future Consideration” black hole.

    Now faced with the second Corporate mandated Presentation change of the year I again face hours of mind-numbing cut and paste to come into corporate compliance.

    What once seemed like a meaningful solution off Power Point has again become my personal maintenance burden.


  • I R
    Jun 7, 2022

    The ability to create report templates with a standard set of fields and filters for users to use across workspaces would be invaluable functionality to reduce time to getting at the data my PM teams need.

  • Brian Cunningham
    Feb 12, 2019

    Adding to this. It would be useful for an Aha user to be able to create a report template where the person could define what elements that are not configurable (by others) and which items are configurable. Example would be a standard report template where people only need to modify the Products selected in a filter. The owner of the template could then modify the template design with the ability to apply the changes to all copies/instances of the reports. 

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Roadmap templates

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