Consolidated product line reporting

I am building a pivot table report which is taking initiatives by status and product.

Question: Is there a way that I can flatten the products to product lines when some of my product lines contain product lines.

e.g. Consider this hierarchy

  • Company
    • Product Line A
      • Product Line Aa
        • Product Aa1
        • Product Aa2
      • Product A1
    • Product Line B
      • Product Line Ba
        • Product Ba1
        • Product Ba2
      • Product Line Bb
        • Product Bb1
        • Product Bb2
      • Product B1

I would like to generate a pivot that shows two rows, one each for Product Line A and Product Line B, but contains all initiatives from all Product Lines and Products within.

This would be beneficial to large product organisations who are looking to roll-up a products and product lines into a master product line report

  • BK Paton
  • Apr 29 2018
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    Austin Merritt commented
    May 09, 2018 13:56

    Hi there, yes this is currently possible. You will want to be sure that Product line A and B have the same product line type. That is setup in Settings -> Account -> Configure products:

    Then as you create your pivot table you can select the product line type to include in your rows:

    Your report would then look something like this:

  • BK Paton commented
    May 09, 2018 22:27

    Thanks Austin, this is a great solution. Would have never been obvious for me to use "Product line type", but it certainly works in this instance.