Provide custom product structure visibility in reporting pivots

For larger portfolios of products, it's helpful to be able to report on the entire product portfolio in a summary structure and share it in Notebooks. It can also be especially useful during organizational transitions or transformations.

Attached is an example of a product taxonomy report. It would be valuable to add product-level custom fields at all levels of the portfolio for this reporting. Right now, you can only output the custom fields in this report at the product (lowest) level.

Some examples of fields that could be useful to display in the entire product structure:

  • Financials for the offering
  • Overall ownership at all levels (Corporate -- CEO; BU -- EVP; Product Line -- Director, Product -- Manager)

It would be helpful to enhance the pivot so that custom fields can be output at each product structure level.

  • Donna Sawyer
  • Jan 31 2017
  • Future consideration
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