Allow Report filtering by Product Line

In situations where there are large product hierarchies consisting of many product lines and many products in those product lines, it becomes important to be able to filter reports using both the Product Line Name as well as the Product Line type could also provide added value. This serves as a logical first step in the filtering process to create reports by Product Line as well as makes it more manageable to create additional reports for select products in that Product line when the Product Name filter list is narrowed down to a smaller number of products. 

The Product Line type is also valuable for both reporting and filtering when having large hierarchies that contain nested product lines within product lines. 

  • Matt Case
  • Sep 15 2015
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Release time frame 3 months
  • Jan 2, 2019

    Admin Response

    It is now possible to set report filters to update automatically. Choose a product, goal, initiative, or release filter — then select auto-update.

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  • Joe Carpenter commented
    April 11, 2016 20:26

    We need this sooner than later. I find that I'll set up a report, manually select all the products within a given Product Line, then find out a week later that a new Product has been added to the Product Line.
    The report is then no longer showing the correct data because I have to manually 'check the box' in the report indicating the new Product addition.  

    Implementing this would alleviate this problem as all newly created Products should automatically show up in the report.

  • Leanne Miller commented
    January 04, 2018 15:43

    I'm totally suffering without the ability to do this.  I need to be able to filter on Business Unit as we have completely different areas of the business using Aha and I need to be able to report only on my Business Unit which is setup as a Product Line Type.  

  • Leanne Miller commented
    July 18, 2018 13:24


    Still would love some update on when this might be available.  It gets more painful by the day for me to create management reports from your product.  We have over 100 products in Aha and every time I create a report I have to go through and manually select all of them.  On top of that, every time I run a report I have to go through the filter and make sure that any new products get added.  This is basic functionality that should be included.