Allow product line checkbox to select all products within product line in product filters

We have multiple product lines containing many products, and it'd be very helpful to be able to select a single product line within the product filter in report views to have all subordinate products (or product lines - for those that are multiple layers deep) to be selected without needing to individually select up to 30 products for a single filter.

  • Matt Cardwell
  • Jul 21 2016
  • Likely to implement
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  • Jeremy Fiel commented
    30 Jan 20:53

    any timeline on this one? 

  • Ruben Esparza commented
    01 May 18:10

    A must have feature since reporting must be inclusive and accurate of rollup updates. When will it be ready!

  • Leanne Miller commented
    11 Jun 19:08

    Yes when can we expect this functionality?  Creating reports for my organization is very painful as we have over 100 products and I need to select each of them manually every time I create a report.  It's exhausting!

  • Marina Reyna commented
    11 Jul 17:45

    any updates?

  • Kirstin Maurer commented
    11 Sep 20:50

    Agree! Anytime I want to create a portfolio-wide report, I have to click >100 check boxes which is a nuisance.  It  would greatly improve usability if the product selection drop-down allowed cascading selection in Reports, as it does on some of the other screens.

  • Matt Tipperreiter commented
    17 Oct 23:34

    Would definitely like to have this capability.  I manage 50+ products and creating reports is super tedious!

  • Daniel Scudds commented
    05 Nov 21:38

    Wondering if there's any timeline on this. We are creating a number of different reports (~70) for different stakeholders and every time a product is added or deleted each of those reports must be manually changed. This is a real pain point. If the report automatically picked up all products within a selected product line, this would be a major improvement. 

  • Markus Gujer commented
    15 Nov 16:40

    IMO this is super urgent as otherwise creating a report ends up requiring 100 click on our large product hierarchy