Allow Multiple Pieces of Data in Pivot Table Swimlane

I would like to have several pieces of data in the Pivot Report Swimlane. Right now, it only allows the first row header to be a swimlane. My goal is to create a report which has he Master Feature name, reference number, and description in the swimlane. Below that, I would like to list out the features that are contained within that master feature, along with their description, status, etc. 

The report would look something like this:

Master Feature 1


"This is the description for master feature 1"

Feat 1.1 - status - description

Feat 1.2 - status - description

Feat 1.3 -status -description

Master Feature 2


"This is the description for master feature 2"

Feat 2.1 - status - description

Feat 2.2 - status - description

Feat 2.3 -status -description


Today, I can only choose one piece of data to be in the swimlane, which makes it very difficult to report on master features and features in a single report. 

  • Julia Doyle
  • Jan 29 2019
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