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Created on Nov 21, 2019

Swimlane Support in a List Report

I am trying to create a list of information that is coming from several products out of several product lines. The list allows me to neatly show all of the information that I need to show, however, the first column is listing the Product Line and the second is listing the Product. Given then there are multiple rows of data displayed for each product, those first two columns are very repetitive and don't make it easy to visually group the rows by Product Line or Product.

I have tried using the Pivot view, which allows me to group the rows by Product and Product Line, however, I am forced to clump the remaining column for each row into a single cell with the "|" character being used as a delimiter. As a couple of the columns of data are Notes/Text fields, the data is extremely difficult to consume.

Looking for a solution where I can get the clean column view of the List reports and the grouping capability of the Pivot report.

    Nov 22, 2019

    Thank you for your idea. One suggestion here would be to use the pivot report but select the Show cell headers option. This will format the data in the pivot cells within organized columns similar to the list report. You can access this option by clicking the gear icon on the pivot report.

    Give this capability we are unlikely to add swimlanes to list reports. We hope you can understand.

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