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Created on Jan 14, 2016

Alternative format for displaying column headings

The new option for displaying column and row headings was rolled out. However, early feedback is that doesn't solve all problems. An alternative format is desired that displays the data in a hybrid List Report/Pivot Report format. It would basically display the data in a similar fashion as to the List Report with Column Headings at the top of each column but also have the option to create pivot row groupings.  

                                     Feature Name                         Feature Status                       Effort Remaining

                                          ABC                                 Under Consideration                        15d

Initiative 1                          DEF                                  Ready to Develop                             10d

                                          GHI                                        In Design                                        5d


                                          JKL                                   Under Consideration                          7d      

Initiative 2                          MNO                                          In Design                                  10d

                                           PQR                                          In Design                                     4d

    Sep 27, 2019

    The status of this idea was out of date. Since this idea was created we have added the ability to include cell headings in pivot tables. This provides the layout described here.

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