Show headings from Pivot reports in presentations even if there is no underlying data to show

We produce a number of reports to key stakeholders which has information entirley pulled and automated from Aha. This is great for a number of reasons, but largley because it re-enforces the value that Aha is bringing us. Another upside is that the report elements are set to 'live update', this means that we just have to do a quick once over of the report before publishing. Some of the Aha elements may not have anything to update during that month, product phase outs for example, and this then just produces a solid block and makes it look like there is an error in the report. If there is no data to show then the headings still need to show otherwise we have to remove the Aha element and replace with a text field, and then remember to re-insert the element the next month. It makes it very clunky. Examples attached.

  • Dan Jeffery
  • Nov 14 2019
  • Future consideration
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