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Created on Nov 24, 2022

Allow formatting and wrapping text on chart labels

I never use Aha charts in our internal reports because the labels display poorly. It's a shame, because it prevents our org from more fully adopting Aha.

I export everything to do reporting in a Spreadsheet simply because the labels are unhelpful unless they're only a few words

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  • Pauline Wong
    Jun 10, 2024

    To have the ability to specify the number of decimal places to show in charts would be useful especially when presenting at the executive level. Often times at that level, I don't show any decimals. Other times, I can see where it would be useful to show the decimals, so having the ability to specify the precision would be great to give us more flexibility to build more charts in Aha and encourage adoption.

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Provide label scaling/sizing/positioning for charts

When placing charts on a dashboard, labels are consistently cut off. While there are options for where the label can be in terms of being on the inside or outside of a segment, I feel there should be a way to scale these labels so they fit. (See s...
Jerrold Emery over 1 year ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Eliminate text being cut off in chart legends by text wrapping or otherwise repositioning chart and legend

In my dashboards it is desirable to keep the panels small to include more panels however it quickly cuts off the text on the chart legend making the legend hard or impossible to decipher. If the text could wrap so that it doesn't cut off, that'd b...
Jason Gillmore over 2 years ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Ability to round percentages in charts

It would be useful to be able to specify the precision to which to display percentages in charts. I often don't need to know that something is 68.7375372...% I would like the ability to specify (at least) to what number of decimals to display on t...
Greg Horlacher almost 3 years ago in Reports 3 Future consideration