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Status Future consideration
Categories Notes
Created by Niklas Gromann
Created on Jul 18, 2023

Treat labels in Notes as text - similar to callout boxes and links

When using Notes in Aha the labels behave very strangely compared to other text elements that can be inserted in notes. Instead of being able to type inline in the labels, a dialog opens which causes poor accessibility. Some of the issues this causes are...

  • When using the arrow keys to navigate through text, the label dialog opens and you can't get out of it without using the mouse

  • When having multiple labels next to each other, you can't click in between the text labels to enter text

  • It's very difficult to copy and paste labels. You can't use arrow keys to highlight them

  • Pasting labels sometimes just paste plain text with colored background

Instead, they would be much simpler to use if they would work just like the callout boxes meaning that you can edit them like any other text.

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