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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories Epic
Created by Mike Mitchell
Created on Mar 8, 2018

Need specific support for user journeys

The customer success team suggested I just use initiatives for user journeys and master features for user journey steps, which is a good temporary fix.  However, defining a user journey is a pretty specific thing that I think should be set apart from initiatives for a couple reasons:

  1. Often initiatives are used to group features/master features that are functionally or structurally related.  The features contained within these typically map to only a single initiative.  However, a single feature can potentially be used within many different user journeys, for one or more different personas.  Generally you want a feature to be mapped to an initiative, and ALSO mapped to one or more journeys, simultaneously.  So a journey is a distinct way of grouping features, orthogonal to master features/epics.  I want to be able to roll up my features in multiple ways and either view them by initiative, or by journey.  I shouldn't have to be limited to one organizational structure or the other.
  2. User journeys by definition represent a directional graph of steps.  This means there is a time-based relationship between steps would not normally be represented by just throwing them all into a single initiative bucket at random.  There is an order to them, and potentially loops and different endpoints.  This could be complex to represent, but I think it's a quality that is important and should be explored when defining a journey feature.  I could see this as a follow-on feature to add to journey support--it would be a huge help just to be able to group master features separately by journey and by initiative.



    Jul 22, 2022

    Thank you for your idea. In addition to the option mentioned of using initiatives, another option would be to create a custom field or custom table (for Enterprise+ customers) to capture the related user journeys. The benefit of this option would be that you could associate a feature with multiple journeys (using a predefined tag custom field.) This would also allow you to keep your initiative rollup available to show strategic alignment of features.

    One option for visualization would be to create a diagram using mockups. We have done this and it is quite effective.

    Given the options above and other priorities, we are unlikely to implement this idea at this time. We hope you can understand.

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  • Justin Makeig
    Oct 17, 2018

    The problem with tags is that there isn’t a “landing page” for the tag itself. For example, I can tag Epics with “Data Onboarding” user journey (implemented as a custom tag field). 

  • Mike Mitchell
    Apr 6, 2018

    Okay, the custom tag field is not a bad idea.  That might work.  I don't know that we need to use predetermined ones.  Probably better to keep it open so people can easily create new journeys and just police them.

    Thanks for your thoughts.