Allow User Story Maps to Span more than one product

User Story maps should be able to show Master Features and Features from multiple products.

We have complex products that have to work together in order to deliver usable solutions. Any step that the user does (install, configure, receive certain data, etc) requires work on multiple products (hardware devices, firmware on those devices, software user interface, data collection system) to make the solution work.

Our Master Features always contain Features spread across multiple products.

The User Story Map seems to be a great way to visualize how the Features within a Master Feature are delivered over multiple releases, but if we can’t actually see all of the Features under that Master Feature, it loses the value. We would love to have a better way to visualize the relationship between Master Features and Features.

  • Julia Doyle
  • Jul 11 2019
  • Future consideration
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  • Tessa Adair commented
    16 Jul 16:37

    We are in a very similar situation, but we use initiatives instead of master features for tracking cross-product work. Our features are linked to an initiative.If user story maps were made to span more than one product, we might transition from initiatives to master features to get this functionality.