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Status Future consideration
Categories Strategy
Created by Paul Mundy
Created on Jan 5, 2018

New Section to Build Actual Business Cases

I love the flexibility of the Persona and Competitor sections and they are so good I actually use the product level one to build a really great looking business case template. I've attached the raw template - looks a lot better filled in and with a graphic!

This can be used for plotting major initiatives and is really useful as an addition to a management pack / presentation and keeps everything within Aha!

My main issue with using the persona's is that I can only have one layout so I can't actually have a business case and a customer persona at the product level. The company level I have used - again - to capture a product management update. 

Again, I understand this is not the proposed use of these things, but they are actually really good templates but the limitation on templates means I either have to take them out of Aha or add dummy products to do what I'd like to do.


Interested on the thoughts of others (perhaps they just continue to use Powerpoint and import....)?

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  • Guest
    Sep 4, 2019

    I agree, perhaps add the ability to create custom templates, similar to custom fields, etc. That way one can create a layout for a business case, project charter, and other "traditional" materials used at work. This eases entry for resistant users because now they see something familiar and can become more engaged in using Aha as a tool. 

  • Sean Penn
    Jan 26, 2018

    Yes! Need a way to create Business case templates and approvals.