Allow idea portal users to edit specific fields on ideas portal

I am trying to create an Ideas portal for my internal users (sales, pre-sales engineers, technical/customer support, etc.).  They will log ideas that they hear or discover when working with our customers.  I need them to:
  • Be able to log those customer names in the ideas form
  • Select from an existing list of customers
  • Add a new customer name to the list
  • Edit an existing idea to add an additional customer name to the list
This does not appear to be possible since the Editable Choice List type of custom field is read-only for portal users.  I don’t want to give all of these internal people access to Aha if I don’t have to either.
Today I need to use a plain text custom field for this ideas portal form.  This would at least allow users to be able to enter whatever customer name(s) they want *when they create the idea*.  But this means that they can’t select the customer name from an existing list, which means we will have to manually rectify any name variations (ACME vs. ACME Corp., etc.).
In summary, it would be nice to be able to allow users to edit certain fields on ideas forms - similar to how you can make some fields required.
  • Scott Bleasdell
  • Dec 29 2017
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Release time frame
  • Apr 16, 2020

    Admin Response

    There is now a better way for internal teams — such as sales and support — to capture votes and feedback on behalf of customers. We call these proxy votes.

    • When a proxy vote is submitted, your colleagues can select (or create) the customer organization and contact that they are representing. And you can require that custom fields be filled out as well.

    • All of this information is available within Aha! on the idea's detail page and in reporting. This gives product managers a more complete understanding of what customers need.

    • Your colleagues who submit proxy votes will be subscribed to automatic updates on the ideas.

    • All proxy vote information is internal-only. Customers cannot view proxy votes and will not receive any notifications.

    Enable proxy voting in an internal portal and invite your colleagues to start capturing customer feedback.

    Learn more and let us know what you think!

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  • Dan Jeffery commented
    30 Sep, 2019 01:15pm

    We can import a list of current customers from our CRM tool which would deal with 80% of the entries via the portal. We are currently going into new markets which means that the list of potential customers is growing so we need to have the ability for users to add to that list without having to add a new customer in a seperate field. In addition to this, the editable list needs to sort the list alphabetically as this is soooo un-user friendly. We have a list of over 200 customers so have to sift through the list is not viable. Even having the ability to search on this field is not as easy as to have them alpha sorted. This feels like a very basic ask. Thanks :)

  • Dan Jeffery commented
    30 Sep, 2019 10:05am

    This is a huge problem for us. We have just launched Aha along with our new portal to our sales/pre-sales teams. A lot of our internal users need to list multiple customers into the same request on the portal. They are now asking for a single report that contains a list of specific customers which I can not give them beccasue the custom text field we are using does not allow for multiple searches when trying to create a report. The advice from you guys is to create an editable choice list but this is useless as the users cannot add a customer that doesn't exist... We now have a portal that is less than a week old and I have a group of 120 people asking for reports that I cannot give them. They are seeing this a step backwards and I have no way of fixing it?

  • Mindy Chan commented
    26 Sep, 2019 06:00pm

    Unsure why it's not on your roadmap since you are introducing the fields to capture product feedback, you should allow administrator to setup editable fields which they like to open it up for other users to edit.  This should be an easy implementation. 

    While you have some other integrations to capture ideas in Aha, your app (independently) should allow the flexibility for admin to choose from and not depend on those integrations.