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Categories Features
Created by Karen Wittenberg
Created on Nov 27, 2017

more feature custom fields and ability to create groups or sections for feature fields

We track a lot of information for each feature. It would be helpful to have a Table field where we can track and report on information like:

Resource Type Resource Name Planned Start Date Actual Start Date Planned End Date Actual End Date


It would also be helpful to have dependent fields. If one field has a specific value selected from a pre-defined list, then another field automatically populates with a value.

If would be helpful to be able to identify certain fields as required based on the status of the feature. For example, if the feature is in the status of Definition Complete, the Score and Priority fields are required.

It would also be helpful to be able to group custom fields together into different sections in a feature. And within a group/section, determine the field layout (e.g., some fields should be side-by-side because they are related to each other or because their values are short and it will consolidate space.

    Jul 22, 2022

    Thank you for your ideas. There are a few different ideas listed here. The primary idea already exists as a called custom tables. Custom tables are available for customers with more advanced needs and are included in the Enterprise+ plan.

    There is a related idea here for more flexibility with field layouts and here for conditional fields.

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