Improve usability of features (and other) views

There is a usability problem when using the features view (and others also). If you select a product (with the product switcher), and look at a features view. Once you deselect some of the filters, it is not very clear anymore what you're actually watching, i.e. you think you're still looking at features under the product you selected, but you might have selected a lot more. 

Even though that should be obvious from the fact that you have changed your filters, it should be also clear in the top level view, i.e. you are no longer looking at just one product, but potentially a lot more. 

Especially if you bulk edit, this can lead to unexpected results (i.e. accidentally delete many more features than you intended).


More generally, the top level menu should be more context sensitive so it's clearer what you are looking at.

  • Mario Hoek
  • Oct 26 2017
  • Likely to implement
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