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Created by Matt Case
Created on Jun 29, 2017

Release and Feature Management Change Log Reports

Product teams are commonly measured on providing a predictable delivery of features for a planned release and need to report on change metrics such as the number of Features added to a release after the release has been approved for development and the number of features dropped/moved to another release. These types of changes are being recorded in the Aha! Activity log but there is no way of being able to create change log reports at the Release level [i.e. Number of features added and number of features dropped/moved] as well as at the Feature level [i.e. this feature changed releases 3x from v6.1 to v6.2 to v6.5].

The requirement is for Aha! to provide release and feature change log reports to help report on these key metrics to the business and to also keep track of any major changes to plans. 

Watch notifications of changes are helpful but are for individual events and do not provide the required aggregate view on the scope of changes. 

    Oct 11, 2023

    You can now analyze how your team performed against plan with the new release retrospective report in Aha! Roadmaps and the sprint retrospective report in Aha! Develop. Each report provides a one-page summary with all the info you need to improve future planning.

    Learn more

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  • Marc Kirmoyan
    Oct 2, 2023

    Hello, this is great news. I see it mentions Releases and Features, but not Epics. We use Epics in Aha... as using Features is one level of detail too high for our products. All planning is done using Epics. This lets us keep boards clean. Will this support epics as well?

  • Kelsey K
    Sep 27, 2023

    I would love to see this implemented at the epic level as well, as my organization manages data primarily at the epic level instead of release or feature.

    We currently have a manual changelog that is utilized by several key stakeholders and other groups, often times will more scrutiny than the roadmap itself! Having a way to pull recent changes into a report in order to show recent changes in a meaningful & customizable way would save so much time, and make Aha so much easier to use!

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  • Greg Lyons
    Jul 28, 2023

    This would save me so much time! I am required to keep records of:

    1. Each feature that is added after development on a release begins.

    2. Each feature that is moved out after development on a release begins.

    3. Each feature that is added after development code freeze on a release begins.

    4. Each feature that is moved out after development code freeze on a release begins.

    Each entry has to have the date of change, Aha! url, JIRA url, description, story points, affected clients, feature category, reason for change, and ultimate disposition.

    I currently use a combination of Aha! and JIRA to try and find these changes. I am not the only person how makes changes, so I don't always know immediately when it happens.

  • Justin Di Iorio
    Oct 25, 2022

    Thinking of the overall solution we would be looking for, once a release is "locked" (following the planning stages and actively being delivered, perhaps based on start date?), any feature added/removed to/from the release gets noted in a table on the release that we can report on. Any feature that is part of a release at the time of being "locked" gets stamped with the release name. Any subsequent release that feature is added to, following being lock, also gets stamped with that release name (similar to how Jira stamps sprints onto stories when committed). This will give us a history and visibility of features that slide across releases. We wouldn't be looking for a release to be locked in a manner that our product leads are unable to add scope to it, but more seeking an easy ability to see changes to scope mid-delivery. Finally, when shipping a release, this should include a view/report on changes happening during the delivery phase (what was included at launch of the release, what came in/was removed, and what was included at the time of shipping.

  • Karly S
    Feb 14, 2022

    This would be valuable for operational reviews, when features are moved to a particular status (Planned > Deprioritized, for example) or dates for deliverables are changed, it would nice to easily be able to report on these or share them in a visualization with our engineering and design counterparts during operational reviews of our roadmap.

    It'd be nice to be able to prompt users to add a comment when the deliverable date or launch date changes and that goes into the 'change log' table or view.

  • Kristina Kononiuk
    Dec 8, 2021

    By the end of the release, I need to show that we plan ten features for 2021.4; six of them we moved out to 2022.1, 4 we shipped

  • Daniel Cohen
    Jul 15, 2020

    A simple implementation would be to enable automation to trigger an action that would send data to fields in a custom table.

  • Guest
    Oct 17, 2019

    This visualization request is one of the missing information which we are finding it extremely difficult to share with the Management Board and explain the rationale for the features being moved out from originally planned to later release due to various factors such as Regulatory Enforcement, Market Demand, Low Priority Demand, etc. There is no way to generate a report that captures an aggregated log of previous and revised change. Below information is extracted from Release History View but cannot be extracted into a simple reporting or presentation purpose

    • Name: Google Search APIs → Google Search APIs with sample user interface
    • Rank: 2 → 1
    • Release: R-11 Oct 2019 → R-12 Feb 2020

    Let us know if there are any recent development updates on this front.

  • Michelle Antici
    May 1, 2019

    I'm being asked by my management to provide a view of feature movement - particularly as we are publishing a roadmap in notebook form, and without comparing those published on different dates there's no easy way to see what's changed. This idea would give us some level of reporting. 

  • Paolo Espanola
    Oct 10, 2017

    Additionally, this will provide us with a layer of governance as currently, there's no wholesale way to catch Features that have inappropriately slipped into a Release that was already scoped and locked.  Likewise, should items "slip" to future Releases that shouldn't have (ex: urgent client commits, previously slipped items, etc.), we don't have a quick way to view these in bulk.

    Instead, the workaround would be to export the full Feature List for a specific Release on a periodic basis and run a VLOOKUP externally do identify the adds/drops.  This is extremely manual and has a higher risk for error due to the time lag. 

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Have a baseline option to be able to see slippage in plans

Knowing the plan is one thing, but knowing how far off plan we are is another to help make decisions on diverting resources. Please provide a means of seeing baseline vs current without having to create two notebook pages.
Guest about 7 years ago in Releases 10 Shipped

Release Progress Chart scope increase - view in report

The Progress Chart for a release can show features added to a release post development start date as a scope increase. These features appear on the chart in a pop out view when hovered over with the mouse and can be navigated to. This is neat...ho...
Andrew Buglass about 1 year ago in Reports 0 Shipped

A report on any changes to a features release date

I want the ability to create a report that lists any changes that happen on release dates. As we transition from waterfall to agile... We need to give our wider business an easy view of changes to external release dates.
Guest over 5 years ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Release History (associated features)

Release History tracks changes in the object, as Feature History tracks changes in the feature itself. If year roadmaps it is quite common that a feature that is meant to be implemented in Release 1 passes to Release 2. The idea is to see a hist...
Pablo Antolín almost 9 years ago in Releases 2 Shipped