user activity export and reporting

I like the user activity log, but it is very limited.  


Basic need:  Ability to export the user activity to excel or csv file.  This is should done by the user and the administrator for a specific users.  Mainly for audit and review changes made by a specific user.


More functional need: Ability to use Aha! list and pivot table reports to against user activity and other objects in Aha! such a release, product, feature, and so on.  The value is to be report to audit who, when and what changes were made for a specific product, release and feature.

  • John Seifert
  • Oct 4 2017
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  • Guest commented
    24 Mar 04:32pm

    We use Aha! with a TPP, who we have dependencies on, by consuming data from their Jira.

    As an account admin i want to be able to generate a report which summarises the key changes generated from their 'Jira integration'/'Aha! workspace' and filter through these based on the type of change made e.g data/release update, status change and general updates covering areas such as description/scope update.

    This will allow me to understand key changes from our partner and impact assess them, informing decisions to follow up or not.

  • Pat Jenakanandhini commented
    15 Mar 03:11am

    For disaster planning and business continutity planning, we need to generate reports on productivity. Proving to be quite tough right now with Aha.

  • Anna Rodrigues commented
    15 Jan, 2019 12:13pm

    Having this functionality will enable my following use case:

    1. My team has a few members who are part of our PMO organization and all ideas should be moved to an “approved” status only by this team.

    2. However, my larger team needs contributor access to Aha so they can edit ideas and associated features and releases, so I cannot restrict contributor access to only the PMO team.

    3. My workaround is to add a custom status of “Approved by PMO” to a custom workflow and attach this custom workflow to all my product’s ideas. In this way, when the PMO approves an idea, they can assign it this status.

    4. Now, I need a report that shows me when someone outside the PMO has assigned this “Approved by PMO” status to an idea. If I have such a report, I can switch the idea status back to “Needs Review” and follow up with this person to train them to not use this status.

  • Chris Dauer commented
    4 Sep, 2018 07:59pm

    Wishing this had already been rolled out.  The data exists but having to click through every page is too time-consuming.  A simple find if I had access to an export would solve this problem immediately.

  • Nate Dunlevy commented
    5 Jun, 2018 02:44pm

    Someone deleted months worth of work. This could be recovered using my activity IF there was an export. Major pain point.

  • Guest commented
    6 Apr, 2018 11:17pm

    Yes, please make this happen.  Very important for those of us working in highly regulated industries.  The gov wants to be able to see these logs in Excel or PDF formats.

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