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Categories Jira
Created by Andrew Tipton
Created on Jun 1, 2016

Add setting to the Aha! Integration Configuration to just update one way for JIRA to Aha

Why I hear you ask? 2 main reasons: -

  1. JIRA always wins for companies that use JIRA as the master
  2. To get round the issue of Aha! breaking the formatting when JIRA uses a plugin (Jeditor)

A one way update fixes all issues.

Setting as a checkbox defaulted off: 

JIRA as Master of Feature

Detail this setting allows JIRA Epics or Stories to be linked to an Aha! feature, but then ALL subsequent updates will come from JIRA, Aha! will NOT update JIRA

    Dec 14, 2017

    We have launched an enhanced Jira integration. This integration will give you the ability to explicitly map fields and sync directions including setting them to sync one way from Jira to Aha!, along with several other new capabilities including the ability to:

    • Set record mappings for Aha! initiatives, releases, master features, features, and requirements and link them to nearly any corresponding record type
    • Map default or custom fields in Aha! to any “like” field and specify which direction the updates should flow (e.g. from Aha! or from Jira)
    • Automatically send outgoing changes from Aha! or choose to review and approve them
    • Import records directly from Jira to make getting started in Aha! easy
    Check out the blog post for more details.
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