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Report on user activity across record types Merged

As an account administrator, I'd like to be able to view summary statistics of user activity & application usage in my company's account, so that I can make better decisions about license management & identify super-users who may be interested in more broadly supporting Aha within the organization.

Currently, the only way to get close to this is to create a pivot table of user by time for a specific record type (and activity type; create vs modify/edit)- resulting in a lot of different reports that I have to reconcile findings against.

Ideally, I'd be able to create a report (or view a canned report) that allows me to see the total number of all/any types of activity (create, modify, delete, etc.) actions across all record types in a single report. 

Additionally, it would be great to have the ability to filter (or at least identify) the user activity that is done in-app vs. through API (e.g. an integration with Jira that runs as a certain user). 

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  • Mar 29 2019
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