Release History (associated features)

Release History tracks changes in the object, as Feature History tracks changes in the feature itself. If year roadmaps it is quite common that a feature that is meant to be implemented in Release 1 passes to Release 2. 

The idea is to see a history of the features that were/are part of a release throughout its history with the possibility of exporting it to a notebook.

  • Pablo Antolín
  • May 15 2015
  • Future consideration
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  • Anoop Cherian commented
    October 17, 2019 11:26

    This visualization request is one of the missing information which we are finding it extremely difficult to share with the Management Board and explain the rationale for the features being moved out from originally planned to later release due to various factors such as Regulatory Enforcement, Market Demand, Low Priority Demand, etc. There is no way to generate a report that captures an aggregated log of previous and revised change. Below information is extracted from Release History View but cannot be extracted into a simple reporting or presentation purpose

    • Name: Google Search APIs → Google Search APIs with sample user interface
    • Rank: 2 → 1
    • Release: R-11 Oct 2019 → R-12 Feb 2020

    Let us know if there are any recent development updates on this front.