Add Voter email domain as a selectable attribute

I trying to provide some information to our Account Managers.

I would like to run a report that shows which IDEAS each account (user / email domain) has VOTED for.  

In this way, the account managers will be both aware of the activity being recorded in Aha!, and can start a dialogue with those clients.


Currently, it's only possible to either:

- list the user / email domain for the person who CREATED an idea

- filter ideas that have been voted on, but only for a SINGLE user / domain.

  • paul everson
  • Jan 6 2017
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  • paul everson commented
    January 15, 2017 12:55

    Thanks for the update,  I agree it's already possible to filter ideas for a single client as you've described.  My goal is to create a list - based on voter domain first, then all the ideas that domain has voted for.  Currently the domain of the voter is not available from the report builder.