User experience improvements for reporting on Feature scorecard metrics

There are two different sets of scorecard metrics for when reporting on Features. 

The first group of metrics under the "Aha! Score metrics" header represent ALL potential metrics that can be applied to serve as the Feature system level scorecard. I'm referring to if you go to Settings -> Product -> Configure -> and you select a custom scorecard to be applied in the "Scorecard for features" dropdown. This is the scorecard that will be used for system scorecard field that applies to Features. You'll likely have bunches of metrics and it will show the custom scorecard they belong to in parens. However, the only one's that are going to have any values are going to be the metrics for the Scorecard selected in the dropdown referenced above. Reference attached screenshot 1 to see a sample listing. What is being represented here is often misunderstood and users will select metrics that have a value of zero. 

The second representation is a listing of all scorecard custom field types with the metrics that are being used for that custom scorecard appearing underneath. This is a much more intuitive representation. Screenshot 2 shows how these are represented. 

Suggested improvement for user experience: Instead of putting all possible metrics under “Aha! Scorecard Metrics”, group all metrics under their corresponding scorecards and eliminate the “Aha! Scorecard Metrics” group.

  • Matt Case
  • Aug 11 2017
  • Likely to implement
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