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Created by Sophie Ramsden
Created on Mar 26, 2021

To exclude votes from a specified domain from reports

We allow internal and external users to vote on ideas, but we are often interested in seeing just those ideas with external votes on. There is a filter on voter domain but by using the existing filter of 'none' and selecting the domains we want to exclude, this excludes the entire idea from the report, not just those votes.

    Nov 4, 2022

    This type of reporting is now easy with Organizations in Aha! Ideas Advanced.

    • Filter reports to exclude votes from specific organizations (like your own company)

    • Combine an organization's feedback with CRM-like information — such as company size or industry — to better understand your customers

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  • Guest
    Apr 20, 2023

    You can do this by deselecting your organization's domain from the filter, but the filter is actually an "includes" filter and does not allow you to exclude a domain without having to select every other domain manually. This is very cumbersome and not workable.

    Could you add an option to explicitly exclude a voter domain, without having to select every other one please? Also, this should flow into the visibility of votes to customers too i.e. there should be a configuration option to allow the votes to explicitly exclude internal votes or not.

  • Chris Eichermüller
    Apr 28, 2021

    Yes, or way to see the Employee votes as a separate value