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Created on Jan 5, 2017
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This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit APP-I-6689 Honor Changing Jira Issue Types.

2 Way integration of Structural Ticket Changes between Jira and Aha Merged

Our team often needs to make structural changes to Stories, Features, and Requirements (ex: moving a story to a different requirement as our planning shifts).   Currently when we make these changes in either Aha or Jira, the change is not reflected in the other system.     Additionally, our engineers may be making the structural change in Jira, but since they do not have admin access in Aha, they must contact the PM to make the same change in Aha.

This is a huge pain to manually keep these systems in sync and there is no easy way to tell in either system if the requirement's structures are different.   We waste a lot of time trying to figure out why our story point totals are different between the 2 systems and this lack of 2 way integration is often the culprit.

Please consider adding 2 way integration of structural changes to Requirements, Stories, Features between Aha and Jira.   Thanks!


BTW, I sent this to support (Matt Case) as an issue and he recommended that I create it as an Idea here.   

Per Matt... "We do not support making structural changes to requirements in Aha! based on changes in JIRA. e.g. moving stories in JIRA will not move requirements in Aha!. Likewise, moving requirements to different features in Aha! will not make an update to the corresponding JIRA issue (i.e. Story). You need to make these structural sorts of updates in both systems if you want them reflecting the appropriate Features/Epics in both systems."

  • Daniel Pokrývka
    Aug 27, 2019

    Hi, same pain. Duplicate of Added a potential solution workaround solution that could be done by aha as an idea here:

    Please vote :-) 

  • Leonard Leung
    Apr 28, 2017
    Our Aha to Jira integration setup is such that Aha Features map to Jira Epics and Jira stories are auto imported to Aha requirements.  We have a common use case where teams will move Jira stories to different Epics in Jira.  When this occurs, this does not get reflected in Aha requirements.  
    Please make this a pri, it is the largest complaint from our users.