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Status Future consideration
Categories Jira
Created by Guest
Created on Aug 27, 2019

Allow requirements to be associated with the release record

The Problem:  Jira requires each User Story type to have a Fix Version associated with it, similar to the Epic.  The Epic will have Stories with various Fix Version ( the User Stories don’t inherit the Epic Fix Version as story releases are weekly or more often).  Aha! doesn’t associate Stories with Fix Version/Release which means we can’t create new User Stories in Aha! as Jira requires the Fix Version/Release and this can’t be mapped.


Idea:  The idea is to allow Requirements to be associated with the Release record the same way the Epic and Master Feature are, so User Stories can be created in Aha! and sent to Jira.  


As a program manager along with the team of Product Managers and Dev Managers who use Aha! and Jira, we want the requirements record to be associated with the release record so we can create and update user stories in aha! and export them into jira and have have the fix version set.



  1. Creating requirements in Aha! Is how we want to operate and would be particularly helpful when we are planning out Epics and the work to be completed
  2. Seeing the requirements list in Aha! Is very useful as we can also see all of the data that goes with it, including the Epics.  
  3. Being able to view the list of requirements with their Epics in Aha! List and have the ability to update all the data, including the fix version/ release would be very useful
  4. Being able to update requirements in aha - start and due (release) dates would be a lot easier for us
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