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Status Future consideration
Categories Jira
Created by Anh Truong
Created on Apr 12, 2021

Support Movement of Requirements to Different Features in Other Workspaces

We recently integrated JIRA stories mapped to Aha! requirements but are running into an issue with stories moving from JIRA epic to JIRA epic. Currently, Aha! supports stories moving from epic to epic, but only if those epics are mapped to features that live in the same Aha! workspace.

However, our teams are cross-functional and work across multiple workspaces. Stories frequently move from epic to epic. Linked Aha! records currently do not move from one workspace to another based on how their linked Jira records are moved.

This is what we hope to achieve:

  • Workspace A is integrated with a JIRA Project 1.

  • Workspace B is integrated with Project 1.

  • Workspace A has a feature with a child requirement that is linked to an epic and story in Project 1.

  • Workspace B has a feature with a child requirement that is linked to a different epic and story in Project 1.

  • The story that's linked with the requirement in Workspace A is moved to the other epic that's linked to the feature in Workspace B.

  • The requirement that's originally in Workspace A should move to Workspace B.

Lastly, Aha! should ideally support another scenario in which Workspace B is integrated with Project 2. If a story moves from one epic to another epic that lives in a different JIRA project, we hope to achieve the same outcome: the Aha! requirement moves to the right feature.

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  • Guest
    Dec 1, 2021

    I completely agree with this and would love to see anything that is coming from JIRA to be updated accordingly to either workspace based on the project it is tied to in JIRA. Epic, Feature, Requirement.... Our teams move items around daily so this is a major issue for us going forward as we roll this out to our teams.