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Status Future consideration
Categories Releases
Created by Ariana Newton
Created on Sep 2, 2022

Ability to add an epic to a release phase

We use Aha Roadmaps for our roadmap and release planning, with detailed phases that cover development actitivies as well as Go to Market release planning. Currently we run into the problem that since half of our teams use Jira to track their work, and the GTM and Product Delivery teams use Aha to track a lot of their work, there is no way to capture the progress of the teams across functions since release progress can only be calculated from epics (Jira) OR phases, but not both.

We would really like the ability to add an epic in Aha directly to a phase, the same way it can be added to a release. We do have the ability to add stories to a phase, or link other records, but our epics can sometimes have tens or hundreds of stories depending on the size, so it's impractical to add and maintain the stories themselves.

Alternatively, allowing release progress tracking to come from more than one source - such as Phases and Epics, would allow us to track all the actual work being done. Currently we track release progress using phases but our product managers have to go in and manually keep track of the Development phase progress since Jira can't update the progress of the phase directly.

Changing this configuration would save us a lot of time and effort, and make Aha an irreplaceable tool for tracking the entire feature release process.

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