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Created on Nov 17, 2016

Show the remaining effort value rather than cancelling it when a JIRA ticket is resolved and Aha! ticket gets updated to Ready to ship. It helps in effort planning for future similar tasks

Once a JIRA ticket is resolved and the Aha! ticket status changes to "Ready to Ship", currently, the remaining effort defaults to zero value. It is kind of confusing when doing effort planning for the current sprint and we lose valuable information while doing future feature release effort planning. I suggest that you show the value in Red & Green..Red = over the original estimate, and Green = under the original estimate. 

    Nov 19, 2016

    Thank you for the request. This can be handled today through a configuration setting found via Settings -> Product -> Configure. You can adjust this so that the remaining estimate on any feature is ignored (as opposed to being adding as logged time) upon shipping a feature.

    This would allow you to keep the remaining effort value true to what was actually done. You can then report on these items through the Aha! Reports engine.

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