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Created on Oct 23, 2015

Pull JIRA Original Estimate not Remaining Estimate

We use sub-tasks or even regular tickets in JIRA to do our estimates so they can be planned into sprints.  When these estimate tickets are closed on the JIRA side it seems that the estimates they are for are zeroed out on the Aha side.  The only thing I can trace this back to is Aha pulling in the Remaining estimate, which goes to zero when they ticket is put into a closed state.  That is not how I need this to work.  I need an estimate ticket to be just that, the creation of the estimate for the feature and then pull in work log data to drive down that estimate number.


I can think of a workaround here but it would require my development teams to do a little more work on the JIRA end, which might be my only solution depending on if this is possible.

    Nov 7, 2019

    The status of this idea was out of date. It is now possible to map original estimate fields between Aha! and Jira.

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