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Status Unlikely to implement
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Created on Apr 4, 2016

Idea is Staying Closed When a Previously Closed JIRA ticket is Reopened

Idea tickets should show proper status when corresponding Feature (& JIRA) tickets are reopened).

When a JIRA ticket which has Feature and Idea ticket is closed, all the tickets update properly. If the JIRA ticket is then reopened, only the Feature ticket updates/correctly shows reopened status. The Idea ticket still appears as closed/complete.

Example tickets for reference:



The associated JIRA ticket (CX-806) was closed and then reopened. You can see the Feature ticket reopened with the updated status but the Idea remained closed.



    Apr 7, 2016

    Idea portals are generally for external communication. My thinking is that if a shipped feature contains a problem and needs to be re-opened communication about that is sensitive and should not happen automatically. So for now we don't plan to make any changes in this area.

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