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Created on Jun 15, 2017

Mark linked Jira tickets that have been deleted in Aha

I noticed that when deleting a feature in Aha! that is linked to Jira, Aha! doesn't delete the linked ticket.


I disagree with your design decision, but the message from support makes it clear that you're firm in that direction.


Still, when an Aha! feature is deleted, that leaves an "orphaned" Jira ticket.  Can we modify the integration so that these orphaned tickets are searchable to make it easier to find and remove them in Jira?




From your support:

Hope you're doing well!

The Aha!-JIRA integration will never delete issues or features. This is an intentional design to prohibit accidental deletes from happening. There is no plan to change this design. This is also why there is a prominent message telling the user the issue must also be deleted in JIRA.

In terms of how to identify orphaned tickets, there isn't a capability for Aha! to flag an issue as deleted. I do see value in Aha! leaving some type of bread crumb on JIRA issues before deleting them. If you feel strongly enough I recommend that you submit this idea directly to our product team here: Our product team values feedback from our users and they triage those requests for prioritization on the Aha! roadmap.

One suggestion we can make is to ensure a product manager adds a 'DELETING' comment to the feature before deleting it. This will send the comment to the JIRA issue and add visibility to the fact that it has been removed from Aha!. Another option is to move items to a specific parking lot/fix version before deleting them. This will queue the issues that have been marked for deletion in single place.


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  • Ivana Strikic
    May 24, 2024

    It's very frustrating that AHA cannot at least flag records that were deleted in Jira ie. that AHA can no longer update. You do get errors in the logs but the AHA record still has the integration link which leads nowhere because the record doesn't exist in Jira. Any sort of workaround would be very manual and hence unreliable, especially when deletion happens in Jira. We have 15+ Jira projects with hundreds of users, integrated into 1 AHA workspace - there's no way to track everything they might delete in Jira.
    So, all our AHA reports are now polluted with records that no longer exist in Jira, rendering said reports (and AHA itself) useless to us.

    Jira Align has the feature to see Jira Deleted Issues, review them, and batch delete them from Jira Align, and AHA should implement something similar as a minimum.

  • Andrew Buglass
    Sep 28, 2023

    I would add that there is a need for the same insight when a requirement in Jira that is linked to a Feature in Aha is removed that Aha is able to report on this and ideally flag it.

    The requirement would no longer have a parent so the integration should know that this field is empty.

    These zombie requirements mean that feature scope and progress are wrong and cannot be relied upon for insights or reporting. Making much of Aha's value add redundant when you connect anything to Jira.

    Manually removing zombie requirements is a pain but doable IF you know you need to...but at the moment their is no way to get visibility.

  • Guest
    Apr 9, 2020

    As this Support question was nearly 3 years ago, has there been any updates added to identify orphaned tickets? That would be a great feature.

  • vikalp paharia
    Nov 11, 2019

    Facing same issue with Features ---- Rally & AHA


If an object is deleted from an integration (such as Jira), why not mark the object in Aha with a flag to indicate it was deleted?

Aha doesn't want to delete items based on deletions in integrations - why not mark the items deleted in Aha? That way a user can see they are deleted, but they are still available?
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Deleting a JIRA issue (story, epic) that is linked in AHA, should be deleted in AHA

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